Authorís note:† Lennie is not a really person.† She is a figment.† Or am I the figment?† Either way she is mine.† This is my first original fiction.† This is only the first part so be patient.† You will learn more about Lennie as time goes by.

Lennieís Life
By Annabelle

Today: Sucks

I can say honestly that this place sucks.† It is not so much my life, it is just this place.† Yeah my life doesnít have all the exciting stuff that other peoplesí do.† I donít go out, I donít date, I have friends but I hardly see them.† I spend most of my time locked up in my room scared of the outside world.† I donít know why I am scared I just am.† I donít like the people out there I guess.

Take today for example.† I had put off going to the library for weeks now.† I hate that place.† It is dark, dank, and just has miserable lighting.† Who wants to read anything on paper anymore anyway?† I just donít understand it.† I mean you can watch the news.† You get even better news online because you can get international news, if you are into the news thing, which I am not.† I love to write and read what other people write, but back to the library.† I finally decided that the only way I was going to go to the library is if I went one hour before I had to go to work.

I got my shower, put clothes on, ones that hide my body.† I am very paranoid about things like that.† You would be too after being sexually abused as a child, rapped as a teenager, and having your RA stare at you when you walk down the hallway without a bra on.† Which I still do because I know my RA or the other guys on my floor canít do anything to me.† My roommate would kick their ass.† Anyway, I was walking to the elevator when I saw that there was a whole group of people sitting near it.† I hate people; it is just a principle thing.† I donít trust anyone but the quiet people, the people that I decided are wroth my time.† My roommate is one of them.† So I see this people who are clearly invading each otherís personal space bubble and I decided not to wait for the elevator and risk having to talk to them and instead take the stairs.

Thatís when I hear someone behind me.† My senses get sharp.† I do not make eye contact with the person afraid that it will confirm what I already know.† The person in the stairwell with me is a guy.† I went down to the past the fourth floor, then the third, then the second, each time hoping that he would get off the stairs and give me a chance to breath again.† No he decided to follow me all the way downstairs to the first floor.† Who takes the stairs from the fifth floor?† Well besides me?† No one, something was wrong with this picture.

Then he followed me out of the building.† So I let him pass me.† I walked slowly and started to follow him.† Now he knows how creepy it is!† However as I was walking trying to decided if I should take the dark unlit stairs to the main quad or wait for the elevator, deciding that the elevator was the best choice, I noticed another guy.† He was walking really slowly, he was looking for prey.† He saw me and started to walk to me slowly, he was drunk, or high.

I walked quickly into a small well-lit hallway that has an ATM and the elevator that goes to the main quad.† Thankfully it is late so the elevator will come quickly, unfortunately not fast enough.† The slow man walked into the hallway just as the elevator doors opened, not even giving me the option of closing the doors on him, by accident of course.

I push the third floor button on the panel inside the elevator and back all the way up against the opposite wall waiting and praying that he would chose a different floor.† He didnít.† Prey, I was his prey.† I debated pulling out my cell phone and calling someone one.† I got the cell phone just for these types of situations.† Then the elevator stopped and the doors opened.† I let the guy out first.† I hoped that he would not go out the double doors onto the quad and instead stay in the building.† He did.

So all of that just so I could go to the library to do some contrite paper that has no meaning for me whatsoever. †Now can you see why I hate this place?† Every thing here is so menacing.

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