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Journeys To Love: Annabelle's Fairytale
by Annabelle
Part 2

Sheridan's Bedroom (in our world)

"Sheridan!  Sheridan are you out of the shower yet?"  Luis called as he looked into the bedroom.  Then he heard something.

"It is time," a familiar female voice said.

"What?"  Luis looked around for the owner of the voice but he did not see anyone.  Then he saw a note and journal on the nightstand next to Sheridan's bed.

The note was written to him and Elizabeth.  It told him that Sheridan had gone to New York City to follow up on a lead about her mother, whom she now believed was still alive.  She asked him to join her as soon as he could and told him to read the journal.  The note said to that a woman named Virginia Lewis Wolf and her husband would meet him at the airport in New York and there was a ticket waiting for him at the Harmony Airport.

Luis sat down on the bed and was in shock.  Sheridan's mother was still alive and in New York?  How come this did not seem possible.  Sheridan was just there five minutes ago but now she was gone.  It did not make sense.

Then a strange dizziness came over Luis.  All of a sudden it did make sense, of course Sheridan was looking for her mother in New York and he needed to be with her.  He had to go home and pack.  Then as he turned to leave the bedroom he tripped over a duffel bag.  It was his duffel bag!

"This just keeps getting weirder by the minute!"  Luis exclaimed as he picked up the duffel.  "I am just going to go with the flow on this.  I do not understand any of this," Luis just shook his head and left the cottage and headed for New York.

New York Airport

"Why are we here again?" Virginia asked her husband.

"Because King Wendell said that we were suppose to meet some guy named Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald here.  He has something that will explain things about the nine kingdoms and we need the information that he has," Wolf replied repeating everything that Wendell had told them through the magic mirror they had in their bedroom.

The mirror had caused a lot of problems because they first had it in the living room.  Then it almost came to life while Virginia's grandmother was visiting them.  So they moved it to the bedroom.  But the mirror became active when they were playing a game of "Hide and Go Seek."  So finally the put the darn thing at an angle that did not look unto anything but a window, at least that way their caller would have a nice view of New York while they waited for someone to answer.

"And where was I when he gave this important message to you?" Virginia asked him.  Normally it was Virginia who received the messages from the mirror.

"You were out getting us food," Wolf said as he started to pace around the gate to flight 1701 from Harmony.

"Okay.  When do I ever going shopping for food?  That's your job," Virginia had a strange feeling about this whole thing.

Wolf pulled her to him, “Virginia I don’t remember what you were doing exactly I just remember that you weren’t there.  Now just relax.  Everything is going to be fine.  We are meeting this guy in an Airport, you yourself said this was the safest place in New York,” his said as he lifted her chin with his hand.

Virginia sighed.  She should have known better than to worry.  With Wolf with her she had nothing to worry about, he was very protective of her, almost verging on overprotective.

“Look dear, that must be him,” Wolf said pointing to a tall man with dark features.

Virginia turned to see who he was pointing at, “How can you tell?’

“Because he is the only who is actually looking for someone.  Come on,” Wolf held her to him.

“Excuse me sir, are you Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald?” Wolf asked the man.

“Yes I am you must be Mr. and Mrs. Wolf,” Luis said holding out his hand.

“You can just can me Wolf.  This is my wife Virginia,” Wolf said as he held at his hand.

Once the all shook hand Luis spoke, “Where is Sheridan?”

Virginia and Wolf looked at each other, “I am afraid I don’t know who you are talking about,” Virginia said knew that she was right to be suspicious of this man.

“My friend Sheridan Crane told me to come here and meet with Virginia Lewis Wolf and her husband.  And to bring this book,” Luis showed them the tattered red journal.

“This must be the book that Wendell was talking about,” Wolf said as he took from Luis.

“What is it about?” Virginia asked him.

“My friend Sheridan told me that it was her mother’s journal.  It seems like it was from when she was very young.  It is about a make-believe place called the Labyrinth, which is the kingdom of the Goblins,” Luis informed them as Wolf flipped through the journal.

“This isn’t about the Goblin kingdom,” Wolf said then Virginia elbowed him.  “I mean not the one that I used to read about.  This is a different one.”

Luis shrugged, “Sheridan just said to bring it with me.  Please tell me you know where she is.”

Virginia felt sad for them man, “I am sorry but I have never meet a Sheridan Crane before.  I have heard of her from magazines but I don’t know her personally.”

“Damn!  Where are you Sheridan,” Luis ran his hand through his hair.

“Listen I think we are all in the same boat here.  I am assuming you don’t know anyone named Wendell White?”  Virginia was starting to put the pieces together in her mind.  Someone had tricked them into being together.  They had wanted them all to meet.  The question was why?

Luis shook his head, “No I don’t know anyone by that name.”

Virginia nodded and looked at Wolf.  He just shrugged.  “Why don’t you come back to our apartment with us.  We can sit down order some food and try to figure out what is going on.  Sound good?”

Luis thought for a moment.  He really did not have any choice but to agree.  Maybe Sheridan was in some kind of trouble and that's why these people acted like they did not know her.  He hoped that Sheridan would be in the apartment when he go there.

The Wolf's Loft

Wolf unlocked the door and let the other in before him.  Luis looked around praying that Sheridan would come out of hiding and greet him but nothing happened.

"You really don't know who Sheridan is or where she might be do you?" Luis asked as he looked down at the floor.

"I am sorry but know we don't.  But we will help you find her.  How about take a look at the book you have," Wolf said leading him to the couch.

"I'll order us some Chinese food," Virginia picked up a cordless phone and walked into kitchen.  After she finished placing the order she started to go through the mail as Wolf and Luis talked.  She noticed that there was an envelope addressed to her and it was postmarked Harmony.  She ran back into the other room.

"What is it darling, is something wrong with the cl- baby?" Wolf asked as he went to her.

"This came for me in the mail.  It's from Harmony," Virginia showed them the envelope.

Luis almost turned white as a sheet, "That's Sheridan's handwriting!  Please open it."

Virginia opened the envelope and pulled out a single white sheet of paper.  She began to read what it said.  She looked at Wolf and than at Luis.

"What?  What does it say Virginia," Luis did not know what to think.  If this woman did not know Sheridan then why did Sheridan send her a letter?  Virginia just handed him the letter.

He expected something explaining what was going on.  Telling him where to find her.  But all the letter said was, 'Help me.  I am lost.  I am somewhere in the Labyrinth.'  Luis did not understand at first but then it hit him.

"The Labyrinth was then name of the Goblin Kingdom.  But why would she send this to you?  How did it get here?  How come it is posted marked from Harmony?"

Virginia shrugged, "I don't know.  I think we should go through the book and find out exactly what this Labyrinth is and where it is."

The two men nodded in agreement and they all sat down and began to comb through Sarah William's journal.  Hours later there were empty Chinese food cartoons on the floor and three frustrated humans sitting in the living room.  They had gone over the journal time and time again looking for clues but nothing.  They and tried to figure out if Sheridan's message had a double meaning but if it did they could not make any sense of it.

Wolf leaned back and looked at the ceiling.  This whole thing did not make any sense to him.  The only Goblins he had ever heard of were all tall green and brown things that all had the same basic skin make up.  The Goblins of the Labyrinth varied in size color appearance, everything.  There were different groups of Goblins that did different tasks.  Some had magic, some did not.  Their King puzzled him the most.  The King was almost human looking save for some facial features and his bizarre hairdo.  Were there other kingdoms that Wendell did not know about?  He would need to tell Wendell right away.

Luis began to flip through the journal for the millionth time when he saw something that he had not before.  It was not written in Sarah's handwriting, it was someone else's.  "Hey you guys?  Have you seen this passage here before," Luis asked getting their attention.  "The Winter Princess was tired of waiting.  Something had to be done to get the travelers to come to the Labyrinth.  Her sister would return soon and they travelers had to leave before that," he read aloud to them.

"No I haven't seen or read that before," Virginia turned to her husband who just nodded his agreement.  "Keep reading Luis."

"She told her goblins to wait until the right words were spoken.  Do not take anyone until he says the words the right way, we need to make sure we have all of them, she instructed the Goblins as they gathered around the portal.  The goblins nodded to show their understanding and then leaped through the portal entering the other world," Luis read and turned the page and realized there was more of this new handwriting.

"None of this was here before," Luis said as he flipped through the new pages.  "It's like someone is adding to the journal as we are reading it."

Virginia felt a shiver go down her back, "That is really creepy.  What else does it say?"

Luis skimmed the next few pages, "It talks about the Goblins gathering around the travelers with out being noticed.  The princess warns them again to wait for the right words.  She tells them it can't just be the 'I wish the Goblins would come and take me away,' line," Luis paused to see if anything would happen then laughed.  "I guess I am a little on edge.  But nothing happened so this is just made up.  What could Sheridan have meant by her note?"

They all sat in silence trying to think of some answer to Luis's question but nothing came to mind.  Wolf decided to break the silence, "I don't know what to tell you Luis.  But I would like to know what these words are that the Goblins are waiting to hear.  Does it say anywhere?"

"Yeah it does," Luis said a little hesitantly.

"Well what are they," Wolf asked again.

"It's just that…" Luis could not explain it but he had a very bad feeling about this whole thing.

"What if we end up in the Labyrinth?"  Virginia finished the question for him.

"I know it sounds silly but I am worried.  I mean it would be a good thing if Sheridan was there but if it is a trap?"  Luis knew he sounded crazy but Wolf and Virginia did not seem to worry about his reaction.

"It does not silly at all," Wolf assured him.  If Luis only knew half the things behind his and Virginia's relationship it would be him calling the police.  "But I am sure nothing will happen."

"Okay well here goes nothing," Luis sucked in a breath.  "The words are I wish the Goblins would come and take us all away."

They all waited but nothing happened.  Luis let out a chuckle, "Well I guess nothing really does happen."

The others nodded in agreement and then the lights went out.  They heard high-pitched giggles and something scurrying about the room at a fast pace.  Then Luis swear he saw a little fur ball race against the wall.  "What the hell is going on here?"

A female voice filled the room, "You are going to get what you wished for."  Luis recognized it as the same voice that spoke before he found the journal and note.

"Who are you?  Where is Sheridan?"  Luis yelled out into the air.

Virginia let out a scream as she felt something grab her arm, "Get away from me!"

The wind in the room started to pick up blowing all the papers around.  A blue light started to appear in the center of the room.  Luis held the journal close to him as he fought of the creatures that were attacking him.  It was no use, the creatures over powered all of them and brought them to the blue light kicking and screaming.

As soon as it startled it was all over.  The wind vanished, as did the blue light.  The lights came back on but something was missing from the room.  The three travelers were gone lost somewhere in the Labyrinth.

Wendell's Study

Wendell worked in his study going over piles and piles of paper work.  He wanted to quit or at least take a break but he knew that was not possible.  As the king of the 4th Kingdom it was his duty to oversee contracts between any of the other Kingdoms.  He knew that he had to do this in order to keep the peace that his grandmother and the other great women had worked so hard on to bring to the land.  But right now he wished that he were somewhere else, anywhere else.

“Your Highness! Your Highness," the squire cried as he bowed his head before the king.

“What is it young squire?" King Wendell knew that it would probably be new about a diplomat from one other kingdoms coming to see him.  He really did not want to hear about it.

“The 8th Kingdom has disappeared," the squire informed him trying to catch his breath.

“What are you talking about?  A kingdom cannot just disappear,” Wendell did not really feel like dealing with a stupid squire who probably only had gotten half of his message down before running to inform his king.

"There are reports from Little Lamb Village and the 7th Kingdom that the ground started to shake and the 8th Kingdom just detached itself from the main land.  Then it just disappeared," the squire tried to catch his breath.

Wendell sighed, he had just remembered that this squire was from the one of the outer provinces.  That explained everything.  "Well go tell my advisors that we will have a meeting in an hour to discuss this."

"Your Majesty your advisors have already started to gather in the assembly room.  They asked me to tell you that they are waiting for you to join them."

"Tell them that I will be there in ten minutes," Wendell waved the squire away.  How dare his advisors gather without consulting him first?  Well it did not matter now he just had to figure out what was going on with the 8th Kingdom

Wendell stood up and made his way to the assembly room.  Once he entered he saw all of his advisors yelling and arguing with each other.

"Why are we so worried?  The Ice Queen is gone and so are her vile goblins.  We should be happy," an older advisor said.

"We do not know anything about this knew kingdom.  What if they are trying to take over the whole land?  The 4th Kingdom will be the first place it attacks!"

"You worry too much."

"And you don't worry enough."

Wendell heard various other comments like this going about the room but it started to give him a headache listening to all of them yelling back and forth, he was going to put a stop to this, "Gentleman please settle yourselves!"

The advisors began to quiet down took their places around the table.  Wendell took his place at the head, "Now would someone please explain to my fully and calmly what has happened?"

One of the younger advisors stood, "Your Majesty, early today the area near the border of the 8th Kingdom began to shake.  The houses were destroyed and many were injured.  Once the shaking had stopped people have reported that the 8th Kingdom had freed itself from the rest of the land was starting to float above the water like it was attached to nothing.  Then it just disappeared.  A few moments later another kingdom appeared its place.  The new Kingdom is now separated from the rest of the land by a channel of water," the man sat back down and waited for his King to say something.

Wendell pondered over this information for a few minutes.  This was something that some did not take lightly but it could be used as an excuse to get him out of the palace.  "I am going to conduct a quest to this "new" 8th Kingdom.  Find out who the ruler is and what they are doing here in the land of the Nine Kingdoms."

All of his advisors thought about what he said for a moment and the started to applaud him.  "Bravo!  Bravo!  You are truly wise King Wendell."

Once they had all settled down and back in their seats one man asked, "So whom are you going to send on this quest King Wendell?"

Wendell shook his head.  Of course they had not heard what he had said, none wanted to hear it.  They did not want their king traipsing about the boarder and venturing into a 'new' Kingdom.  "I am going myself," He stood as he said this.

An uproar over took the room as his advisors finally understood what he was saying.  "You can't do that your Majesty.  You have to send someone else!"

"Yes please listen King Wendell, you can't go off to this place like this!  You have duties that have to been done here," they begged of him.

"Duties that can wait.  If this "new" Kingdom did indeed make the 8th Kingdom disappear than we have to find out what they want and try to make peace with them.  I am suppose to be the head of the peace counsel so I should be the one to go," Wendell tried to make his argument sound justified.  He really just wanted to get out and about again.

"Then please sire if you are going to do this take someone with you," one of the older advisors pleaded with him.

"Very well I will take my magic dog," Wendell sighed.

"A magic dog?  What about taking a guardsman or a warrior?  Surely do not mean to enter a new kingdom with out protection of some sort?"

"The dog is all the protection I need.  You all seem to be forgetting that I have been put in much more dangerous situations than this," Wendell reminded them.  After all he had been one of the four who saved the Nine Kingdoms.

Wendell's advisors knew that they would not be able to talk him out of this.  Their King was headstrong and would not just go of this idea and he would go whether or not they wanted him to.  "Who will you leave in charge well you are gone," the young advisor finally asked.

"I am not going to leave just one person in charge.  I am very sure nothing will happen while I am gone but just in case, you my advisors will speak for me.  If anything does happen you all must agree on any action before it is taken.  Is that understood," he did not want one of the advisors to dominate the others.  He knew that they would not let this happen but he just needed to make sure that they all kept each other in check so something would not be done that he would not normally do on his own.

"Yes your majesty," they all said.

"Good now I must go get ready," Wendell left the room and went back to his study.  Where he began to write a note to his friend Tony.  Tony had been his manservant while he was trapped in the body of a dog and he had become a loyal friend.  Wendell half wished that he could take Tony with him on this journey but Tony was too busy with building the new bouncing castles to be pulled away from that.  Also Tony was starting to see one of woman from the town that he was currently working in.

Wendell sighed and went to his bedroom and began to back a bag for the trip.  He changed out his regal clothes into some more common looking pants and a shirt.  Just as he was closing his pack a knock came on the door.  Wendell went to answer it.

There standing in front of him was Tony holding a leash in his hand.  The leash was attached to Prince, the golden retriever that had once posed as Wendell.  Wendell was shocked, "Tony what in elf's name are you doing here?"

"What a nice way to great a friend?  Next time you should try it's great to see you and how have been though.  They work much better," Tony added as an after thought, "your majesty."

"I just was not expecting to see you.  You are suppose to be working on the bouncing castle in River Town," Wendell backed up and allowed Tony room to enter.  "How are you doing Prince?" he asked as he rubbed Prince's head.

"He is doing just fine, much better than you I fear.  What is this that I hear that you are going to go by yourself to look at this new 8th Kingdom?  Please tell me that you are not serious," Tony's voice had a tone of worry in it.  He had come to think of Wendell as a son in some regards.  He had felt like he had taught Wendell a lot when the king was a dog but he knew that Wendell was his own man.

"I am not going alone.  I am taking Prince with me," Wendell walked over to where his pack was and placed it on his back.  "We are just going to go and take a look at what damage has been done and see if there is a way to get across to the Kingdom."

"Wendell I don't have to tell you that this is crazy, you know that it is.  Why are you doing this?  Are you really that bored?"  Tony wanted to shake him.  Wendell was acting very childish and he wanted to make sure that the King was aware of that.

"I just miss being able to actually go outside of my palace.  I miss Virginia and Wolf.  They are so busy now with the baby coming that they don't have time anymore to come and visit," Wendell started to stare at his feet.  "I have never told anyone this, but I am dying to go back to the 10th Kingdom.  I was only ever there as a dog and people could not understand me.  I want to go see it as a man, to taste the foods, and watch the people.  Your people don't have any magic yet magic can still be used there.  Why is that?"  Wendell wanted to know more about Tony came from.  Maybe one day he would be able to go back to the 10th Kingdom.

"Wendell you are getting off the subject.  You do not seem to understand the seriousness of this.  Your advisors asked me to come all the way from River Town to come and speak with you!"

"They told you to come, I'll have to have a talk with them.  They should know better than that," Wendell said shaking his head.

"Well they didn't, but they should have.  I actually was just passing through here on my way back to River Town and a squire told me what was going on.  So I told him that I would take Prince to you," Tony sighed as the dog barked upon hearing his name.

Wendell sighed, "I am going to be fine Tony.  Prince and I are just going to go look around Little Limb Village to see what damage has been done there.  Then maybe go and see who is the ruler of this new Kingdom, introduce ourselves, and talk about a peace treaty."  Wendell was trying to make the sound whole thing better than it was.  He was going into a strange land with nothing besides his pack and a dog.

"You are talking mad, you know it!  Why can't you just ask for help?"  Tony yelled at him.

"Because I have asked for help all of my life.  I have never been able to do anything on my own.  For once in my life I would like to be able to go somewhere without twenty people following me asking me if I am too cold, too warm, hungry, and whatever else.  I am really tired of it all, I just want to be normal for a change.  To have fun," Wendell walked over to Prince and took the leash in hand.  "To be able to take my dog out for a camping trip without having everyone tell me what a crazy idea it is."

"You sound like a spoiled child.  You know you have duties and responsibilities.  You cannot say 'Oh I am going to check out of the palace now, hold everything down till I get back.'  It is not fair to your advisors.  What if something major happens while you are gone?  What are they going to do," Tony rubbed his forehead with his hand.  Wendell was starting to give him a headache.  "Would you at least call Virginia and Wolf to see if they can come with you?"

Wendell shook his head, "I am going to do this on my own," as he said this he knew that Tony would not be satisfied with this answer.  "Very well, I will take a mirror with me and if I think at any point that I might need their help I will summon them.  Okay?"

"I guess it will have to do because I know you will not back down from this you are the most stubborn person I know," Tony shook his head again.

Wendell nodded, "You are right Tony.  But why don't you come to see me off."  Wendell had changed out his royal uniform into some common looking brown pants, a white shirt, and a brown vest.

"How do you plan on getting to Little Lamb Village," Tony noticed Wendell's clothes but did not say anything about them.

"Well I was just going to take an old farmer's cart there.  No sense in taking the royal carriage and all.  I am just going to help," he did not look Tony in the eye because he knew what was coming.

"So you are just going to take off in clothes that do not mark you as a king, in a farmer's cart, and expect for people to take your help.  Wendell your picture may not be that good but people are going to know who you are.  What if you get a meeting with this ruler of the new 8th Kingdom?  They are not going to believe that you are the King of the 4th Kingdom if you show up dressed like that?" Tony motioned to the outfit.

"No I don't that's why I brought my formal wear in my pack.  Everything is going to be fine Tony.  I just am dressing like this so that the villagers will not be intimidated by me.  Now I really most get going," he tugged on Prince's leash a little and took the dog to the door.

Tony followed them to the door and walked down the stairs with them, "I really wish that you would reconsider this."  He noticed that they were walking toward the servants' exit of the castle.

"I am not going to, I am sorry," Wendell hung his head a little.

"Just do what you think is right," Tony tried to reassure him a little, but then he went into father mode again.  "Do your advisors know that you are leaving in a farmer's cart?"

Wendell forced a smile, "Well, no, but I am sure they will figure it soon.  It just does not feel right to travel in high style when there are people that have just lost everything."

"Well just remember to keep your head on your shoulders and stay out of the way of the Pips.  They are still mad for having their wishing well messed up.  And if anything goes wrong-"

"Then I will call Wolf and Virginia," Wendell finished for him.

"Right then.  Well I guess this is it," they had reached the old wooden cart and Tony was looking it over.  "This thing does do not seem that sturdy."

"It's fine Tony," Wendell looked at the dog standing next to him.  "Come on Prince, hop up.  It's time for a little trip."  The dog jumped up into the flatbed of cart.

Tony reached his hand out to Wendell and the King grabbed his arm just above the wrist.  This was a typical gesture done to show brotherhood between to people.  "Travel safely," Tony said withdrawing his hand.

"Don't worry so Tony.  Everything will turn out happy ever after," Wendell said with a wink.  Then he tugged at the horse's rains, "I'll be back soon."  He took a hand off the rains to wave goodbye to Tony.

"Happy ever after, yeah right, that's what they always say," Tony mumbled as he waved back at the young king.

Goblin Castle

Kailieya looked at her kingdom through crystal that she held in hand.  Some minor damage had been done here and there but the force field had helped to keep everything stabilized.  There were no injuries reported thus far.

'No physical injuries anyway,' she thought bitterly as she continued to gaze at the crystal.  'My heart still feels like it has been taken away from my body and my soul is weaker than ever, why did you do this to me Daemon?  Why?'  Kailieya knew that she was going to start crying soon but she really did not care.  She had not cried once seen she had awoken on the castle floor, finding that the connection to the person that had once been her true love was gone.  That emptiness was overwhelming but she had to stay strong for her people and for Sheridan.  Now though there was no one around, she felt a single tear make its way down her cheek.

Sheridan walked into the throne room and saw her sister sitting in the window.  At first she did not notice that something was wrong but then she sensed the sorrow that filled the entire room making almost too hard to breathe.  She rushed over to Kailieya and wrapped her arms around her younger sister.

Kailieya broke into a full cry now that she was with her sister, 'Why did he do this Sheridan?  Why?  I just wanted us to be happy.  How come I did not see how much I was hurting him.  Now though, there is nothing.  I feel so alone,' she used her mind voice to talk to Sheridan.  She did not want her subjects to think that she was weak.

'Kailieya listen to me.  Daemon bought this all on his own.  He was the one who slept with that slut.  He was the one who could not handle the fact that he was going to loose his title.  Since he could not face up to the consequences of his actions he was the one who decided to send us away.  You saved us, you made sure that we went to a land full of magic,' Sheridan rocked Kailieya in her arms.  'Everything is going to be okay.  Don't worry everything will be fine.'

'We are safe, for now,' Kailieya finished her sisters thought as the little goblin Fliodo came running into the room.

"Your majesties!  I have news from the East Coast of the Kingdom," Fliodo stopped just into to avoid running into the wall of the throne room.

"Well what is it Fliodo?  Has some one been hurt?" Sheridan asked him impatiently.

Fliodo choose to ignore her mean tone, "No, the travelers that Princess Kailieya has been waiting for have arrived.  The goblins were confused about where to take them that's why it took them so long to get here."

"What do you mean?" Sheridan was confused.  Travelers just did not stop by the Labyrinth.

Kailieya knew that Fliodo was not going to keep his mouth shut and now was not the time for Sheridan to find out who the travelers really were.  "They wished themselves to the Labyrinth, I knew they were coming but I did not have time to deal with them.   You and I both know that the normal twenty-six hour day is different here, everything is messed up."

"Yes and I also know that time has no meaning here as well.  Days pass for use but they have no meaning," Sheridan was suspicious of her sister's reasoning.

"It is true time that in the past time has held no meaning for us but with the move to this new land we don't know.  The goblins that I have sent to the Central Quartz Core have yet to report back to me.  We don't know what damage or change might have been done," Kailieya did not want to get into an argument with her sister, she had plans that she had to start carrying out.  "Come let us take a look at our visitors," she waved her hand and a small pool of silvery liquid appeared on the ground before them.  Slowly the liquid stopped rippling and they were able to see three people lying in the sandy ground just outside the entrance to the Labyrinth.

Sheridan looked at the three people, one woman and two men.  The woman had shoulder length hair and was dressed in a manner she had never seen before.  The man laying closest to her was a little pale looking but he had dark brown hair, both he and the other man were dressed in same strange fashion as the woman.  When she turned to look at the other man she almost gasped, there was something about him, something familiar.

Kailieya did not fail to see her sister's shock, "What is Sheridan?  You look a bit pale?"  She half hopped her sister did not recognize the man lying on beach.  She made that her thoughts were carefully shielded, it would do Sheridan no good to recognize the man now.  Later, but not now.

"It is nothing, I just thought… No it was nothing.  What are you going to do with them?"  Sheridan shook the confusion from her head.  It was not possible for her know the people on the beach.  She had never been outside of the Labyrinth, this was her home.

"I want you to keep them asleep, there is still one more person missing from this group.  Now where are the goblins from the Central Core?"  Kailieya was starting to worry.  Time always had no meaning to her, she was going to stay looking the same age forever grated that she did not leave they land.  But then the whole Kingdom up and moved.  Time could work differently here.  Before they could pick any point in any other worlds' time line and go to it, the come back here and not have aged a day.  It was party of the gift of being a true goblin, you did not age, and you lived forever.  But now that existence was put in danger.  It was a very really possibility that their immortality no longer existed.

Then a group of grubby goblins came tumbling into the throne room.  They each pushed the other to go forward to speak with their Princess.  Finally they all lay at her feet and waited for her to speak.

"Well what is going on," Kailieya made her voice harsh and demanding.

"Your most royal majesty we have terrible news.  After searching for many hours and turning over ever stone, looking in ever tunnel, crawling in mounds of dirt we have come to one conclusion," one goblin spoke his voice wavering.  He did not want to be the one to tell her this because he knew that she was going to be so upset that she might kill them all.  "The Central Quartz Core is gone."

The Winter Princess just stared at them.  She was in totally shock.  "Gone!  How can a rock the size of a house just be gone?"  This could not be, time would just stop with out the Core.  What was going on?

"We sent some scouts to across the waters to do tests.  We will know in a day if time runs the same there.  They are going to manipulate time on a plant there well some do the same here.  Then we will be able to see what has really gone on with the time," The Royal Scribe said to her say he entered the room.  He did not want to have his Princess worry about anything that she did not have to.  This was all too much for one person to handle.

"Thank you Taofin, you have been a great aid to me.  Please keep me updated," Kailieya looked out of the window and just started to think again.

Sheridan shooed everyone out of the room.  Then she walked back to where her sister was standing, she was about to say something when she noticed that Kailieya had left the liquid window open and she could still see the travelers.   She used her own power to take a closer look at the darker of the two men lying on the sand.  What was it about him that felt so familiar, why could she not stop thinking about him?

Then in a flash it came to her.  She was no longer in the throne room she was somewhere else.  There were people surrounding her, smiling at her and the person she was with.  They were all clapping and cheering for them.  She turned to see who was standing besides her but the images faded as quickly as they had come.  She was back on the throne room and looking at ground to find that the image of the three people on the beach had been changed to that of a man and a strange looking creature besides him.  She felt that Kailieya had moved to stand besides her.

"What did you do that for?  Why did you change the view?"  Sheridan asked, her voice full of anguish.  She wanted to know what was going on.

"I need to see more about this land that we have come too.  This man is standing in a village near to us," Kailieya was eyeing the man carefully which did Sheridan felt she had to point out.

"Found your new love Kailieya?" she teased.

Kailieya's head flew up from the window and give Sheridan an icy glare, "No, I just happen to know that he is the last of the travelers that we are waiting for."

"That you are waiting for my dear.  This is all your idea.  You read some stupid scroll that was written," Sheridan thought for a moment and turned her eyes heavenward, "Gods only knows how many years ago and you hold it as fact.  Come Kailieya you were the one who brought this people here.  Not a god or goddess.  Well considering that we are the closest thing to a goddess, but that is not the point.  The point is that we both know that the only one who can make a 'prophecy' come true is someone from above.  Prophecy is not a prophecy when you force it come true!"

"The Labyrinth needs saving.  Sheridan we don't know where we are or what is going to happen to us.  I looked for these people.  People pure of heart from a world with out magic, a man from the new world that we have just joined.  Hello Sheridan we already living this prophecy.  The wicked Troll Prince sent us here, now we don't know up from down," Kailieya was almost yelling from frustration.

"Please stop rhyming, you are starting to give me a headache.  Okay let's just say for one minute that we are living the prophecy, we are not in any great danger.  The force field is still up and in tact, no one is going to try to attack us.  The wicked Troll Prince is gone for good, we are never going to see him again.  Everything is fine," Sheridan tried to use her mind powers to calm her sister down but found a huge mental wall preventing her from reaching out to her.  "You are blocking me, why?"

Kailieya turned away so she did not have to look at Sheridan.  The last thing she wanted was to have to shut out her sister but it was necessary.  If Sheridan found out the truth too soon it through off everything.  She needed Sheridan's help in the upcoming battle.  "I just need time to be with myself.  I know you understand that.  I wish I could say that I did not believe the prophecy but it is just so…  I mean I keep getting this feeling that things with Daemon are a long way from over."

Kailieya extended the view of the man and beast to see what was around them.  They village they were in was in shambles.  Roofs were sliding off of house, branches were lying all around, people were crying, and they all had the same human appearance.

"They are all true goblins and trolls," Sheridan stated as she watched the scene before her in total shock.  "How is that possible?"

"They are human.  They do not have powers like we do.  Can't you feel the fact that none of them have an ounce of magic in them.  In fact I bet no one in this land will is able to manipulate magic.  They just have it all around them," Kailieya was interested in this new world.  If she did not have her duties here she would have gone out and found the ins and outs of this new world.  But she could not leave her people, not now when they needed her to help them figure out what they were going to do if the time schedule was messed up.  How were they going to survive if the magic here was not as strong as the magic back...home?  Was that place really home?  Not anymore, she sighed.

As her sister was staring into the silver pool a thought crossed Sheridan's mind.  "Kailieya what if?  What if we cannot manipulate magic outside of this force field?  What are we going to do?"

"Taofin is going to find out that when he has the scouts try to make the plants older.  If they cannot manipulate magic then that means that we won't be able to either.  We will deal with that when the time comes," Kailieya waved her hand and the window to the outside faded away.  "I have to go make sure that everything works out the way it is supposed and get our royal friend to come for a visit.  If the goblins ask when they can wake the other people tell them that you are going to do it.  I will tell when the right time is, okay?"

Sheridan nodded and smiled, "Just make sure you don't scare that guy away too much.  Who knows he might be your type?"

"Oh yeah I really need another regal snob to take up my time.  I don't thinks so, but nice try," Kailieya winked.

"So he is a prince, or is it a king?  Well you better make sure you get him before someone else does," Sheridan gave her a wicked smiled.

Kailieya held up a finger as she started to walk out of room, "Now that was a low blow Sheridan.  Funny, but a low blow.  Besides I have no idea if he is regal, I was just saying those kind are not my type.  Be good while I am gone.  Oh and do us both a favor, don't leave the castle.  I don't need to have my own sister getting hurt."

"That only happened once!"  Sheridan called as her sister walked out the door.  "Geez you almost get fall into the Bog of Eternal stench once and no one forgets about it."  She sighed and walked to the window.

She half wanted to use her mind vision to spy on her sister but she knew that would only make Kailieya mad.  Still though if she did it though the bond lines Kailieya would not even notice.  Maybe she would later, right now she wanted to take a closer look at the strange man that had been placed just out side the Labyrinth gates.  Her sister had seemed upset when she took a closer look at the travelers.  She wanted to find out why and how come she started to have visions when she was looking at the darker man.  Sheridan found near by mirror and slowly made the glass start to ripple.  Then once the rippling stopped there were the travelers lying on the beach.  What was it about them?  How come she felt connected to them?  She waited for more visions to come but there was nothing, so she just kept watching them, waiting for something to happen.

Little Lamb Village

Wendell followed one of the villagers as they took him to the newly made shore of the 4th Kingdom.  It was an odd site to see this new river that separated them from the new 8th Kingdom, odder still was the river itself.  The water had turned a purplish color but was so clear that you could see the river floor for miles out.   He could see strange looking fish swimming around.  They were all colors of the rainbow, some bigger than others.  It was quiet a sight to behold, but none of them were typical river life for the waters of the nine Kingdoms.

"Well sir if that is all you need," the man who was with him said.

"Oh yes, thank you.  Here you go, take this for your trouble," Wendell gave the man five gold Wendells.

The man looked at the coins in his hand and then looked at Wendell in shock.  "Thank you sir.  Thank you so much, thank you," he said bobbing his head as backed away from Wendell.

Wendell stopped him just before he turn and ran, "Wait do you know if there are any boats or rafts around?"

The man looked at him confused, "This used to be a farming village we never had need for such things.  I wish I could help you more but I really must get back and see what else needs to be done."

"Yes I understand, go on.  I hope that things get better for your village," Wendell tried not to give who he was away.  What he really wanted to say was that he would send troops here to help out this people, but he could not do that now.  He watched as the man ran back to the village, then he looked out over the water.

Prince barked interrupting his thought.  Wendell looked down at his dog friend who had lifted a forepaw to point in the direction of the island.  It seemed to Wendell, and a few others, that Prince still understood what people were saying and that he wanted to communicate with them.  "What do you see my friend," Wendell asked as he turned his eyes in the direction of Prince's arm.

There sitting on the beach of the 8th Kingdom was a person.  He could not make out if it was a man or woman but there was something feminine about the person.  He waved his arm over his head at them.  At that point the person stood up.  He could tell now that it was definitely a woman, she looked like she was about to turn and run, but she just stayed standing there.  He wanted to shout to her and find out who she was but he knew it would do no good.  Still he needed to talk to her.

He looked down at Prince, "Well old chum it looks like we have no choice but to swim for it.  Too bad that my pack is going to get totally soaked in the process.  It won't look good to have my royal uniform drenched when I meet the ruler, but it can't be helped."  Prince barked in response.

"What?  You know how to doggie paddle.  Why are you so worried," Wendell asked his dog companion as he began to take off his vest and boats.  He shoved them both into his pack.

Prince walked up to the water and began to sniff it.  Then he started to whimper.  He was trying to say how much he did not like the idea of swimming in this strange water with strange fish.  His doggie senses were telling him that there was something very wrong about this whole thing.  Too bad he could not tell or explain any of this to his master.

Wendell just smiled at the dog, "So the water is purple instead of blue.  You should be used to the unordinary, after all you are a magic dog.  Besides a little swim is nothing that a king and his royal magic dog can't handle.  We are going to be fine.  Now come on, we have to get over there before that girl leaves."

Wendell adjusted the back so that it would easier to swim with then he walked to the edge of the water.  He wadded in until he got used to the temperature, all the while keeping an eye on the girl on the opposite shore.  She had not from her place on the shore, the wind blew her dress about her.  He could almost feel her calling out to him, but he knew that was impossible.

"Come on Prince let's get going," Wendell shouted back to his dog, who was still standing on the shore.  Prince finally ran into the water and started to swim.

Wendell began a slow breaststroke in the direction of the island, he did not want to use all of his strength before he was half way through the river.  Prince had caught up to him and was keeping pace.  The fish in this strange water had a similar reaction to foreign objects in their water as other nine kingdoms fish, they swam away from anything that was bigger than they were.

It was a clear day up until they were a fourth of they across the river, then the clouds started to gather above them.  Prince started to bark again but his mouth filled with water, which he spat out.  Wendell just laughed at the dog a little, "You should know better than to try to bark in water, even I know that it doesn't work."  If dogs could glare this one was definitely giving his master a death glare.

Before Wendell could say anything else the wind started to pick up.  It was gentle at first then it started to throw water in his face.  He was coughing as spitting out water every few strokes and his face was getting slapped by water so much that he could not really see what was going on anymore.  He thought he heard Prince bark and tried to swim towards the dog but the river currents became too strong and he was being pulled further away from the sounds Prince's barks.  He tried to look towards the shore but could not make out anything.

The water started to get more turbulent by the minute.  Wendell was not sure about how he would be able to get across but he knew that he could not just stay there because he would get caught in an undertow.  He had to keep moving and get to land as soon as he could.  However he was too busy trying to stay afloat to notice that he was swimming right into a whirlpool.

As he struggled to free himself from the whirlpool things only became worse.  It started to rain, but it was not normal rain, the raindrops were little hard pieces of ice.  He had heard of these ice storms happening before in the old 8th Kingdom, but they were always stayed in 8th Kingdom boundaries.  The ice was starting to slice his skin and cause all sorts of buries to him.  He knew if he stayed above the water he would be cut to death so he decided to take a deep breath and see where the whirlpool took him.  He kept his eyes open as he went under but he kept getting pulled further and further down, his head started to spin and he could not keep his eyes open.  Finally he blacked out.

Labyrinth Beach

Kailieya had made a fire on the beach and was trying to dry various articles of clothing on it.  She had used her powers to drag the odd man from the water, his pack had become entangled in his feet which caused him to sink faster to the river floor.  Now though he was starting to turn a little blue.

'This would not have happened if you hadn't caused that winter storm while he was swimming,' a voice said as it popped into her head.

'Sheridan what were you doing?  Spying on me.  I saved him didn't I?  I can't help it if her is not strong enough to swim from one shore to another,' Kailieya yelled at her sister.  'You could help me you know.'

Kailieya could see Sheridan shaking her head in her mind's eye, 'Now why would I want to help you?  You got yourself in this mess.'

'Because he is starting to turn blue and you are the only one that can make the sun beat down so hard that he turn wall-red in a minute,' she was not sitting anywhere near the man, she just looked at him from her sit next to the fire.  There was something about him that made her nervous.

'Alright but you are asking for trouble,' Sheridan said as she entered a trance state and began to use her power to intensify the heat that the sun gave off.

'What do you mean Sheridan?  What are you going to do,' Kailieya demanded but she knew that once in a trance state her sister could not hear her.  Beads of sweat began to from on her forehead and she felt her clothes go from soaking wet to dry.  Then her top went past dry and started to shrink; she had to stop Sheridan and fast!

'Sheridan stop this instant, you are shrinking our clothes,' Kailieya yelled at the top of her mind voice.

Sheridan's mind voice giggled at her, 'Well actually it is only your clothes that shrank.  I warned you that you were asking for trouble.'

'My blouse is too small, I look like I am about to-' she did not have a chance to complete the thought because the man started to stir.  'Forget it Sheridan.  Go start to wake up the others, it is almost time.'

'Yes ma'am,' she sent her the image of a salute.

Kailieya just rolled her eyes and walked over to the man.  On her way over she noticed something about his the clothes that had been drying that she had not seen before.  There was a slash much like the one that Daemon used to wear, she wondered what it meant here in this world.  She picked up the slash and took it with her.  Turning it over in her hands she Daemon's face flashed in her mind.  She held back the tears as she went to sit down next to the man.  He looked so different from anyone that she had ever seen before.  Her father had blonde hair but he had kept it long and wild, like many of the 'pure' men of her world.  His skin had some rosy undertones, which did not make him look pale like Daemon, or any male.  Males that were of pure blood where either pale or had skin that was any color of the rainbow, depending on which race they were.  Trolls and Goblins tended to be pale but there were some that were very dark, Fairies, Elves, and Nymphs were all sorts of colors, it was the only way for one to tell that they were pure blood because they had a human appearance no matter what.  Females of pure blood did not have such distinguishing features as skin color, they either had strong magic talent or they could just lift a bowl, well not literary.  Each non-pure blood could manipulate magic in some small way but they could only do one thing, like casting a sleeping spell, making plants grow, or having visions of the future, and in Goblins and Trolls cases they lost they human appearance and became odd looking creatures.  She was so lost in thoughts of her old world that she did not notice that the man she had saved had woken and was staring at her.

Wendell did not think that was possible that he was still alive but as he came back to consciousness the headache that overcame him assured him that he was in fact still among the living.  He opened his eyes slowly and was greeted by painfully bright rays of sunshine, which forced him to clamp his eyelids shut.  Then he tried to open his eyes again, this time he blinked several times to adjust his eyes to the light.  When he finally was able to keep his eyes opened he noticed the girl that was leaning over him, he was certain that she was the same girl that was sitting on the beach when he started his swim.  When his eyes took in a better look of her he decided that it had been worth all the trouble that it took to open them.  She had dark hair that fell pleasantly around her shoulders and played against her skin.  Her eyes were like two black jewels that sparkled in the sunlight, her lips were full and red, and her body, well he decided that her blouse fit it well.  A little too well, she seemed to overflow it.  He had never thought himself to be a shallow man, one that only sought a woman for her looks but if he could just spend more than an hour with this girl he knew that it would take all of his strength not to try to touch her.  To put it simply she took his breath away, which he realized was not a good thing for him right now, he started to cough calling attention to himself.

Kailieya shook all the thoughts that had clouded her mind away.  The man was having trouble breathing, there must still be water in his body, "Lie still and do not try to move it will only make things worse.  Concentrate on my eyes."  She knew that she should not be helping him but he would be no good to anyone if he were not completely healed.  She placed a hand on his head and felt him stir a little bit be low her, which part of stay still did he not understand?  She used her mind to try to target which areas of his body needed to be healed.

Wendell knew that he should listen to this girl but when she touched him he felt like he was going to die, her touch sent fire through his entire body and he wanted to place his hand on hers.  Then the strangest thing began to happen, he felt little waves of energy course throughout his body, making him stronger, and easing the pain.  When she removed her hand he felt like part of him and left with it, like he was not whole anymore, he was healed but there was something missing.  He then noticed that a silence had fallen over them and he decided he would break it, "What is your name?"

"Why are you here? Why did you try to cross the river when there a storm was coming?  You almost died," Kailieya knew all the answers to these questions but she had to play dumb, otherwise he would catch onto the game before she wanted him to.

Wendell realized that he probably was making this girl nervous, if she had indeed just felt one world and came to another or her land had changed then she must be very scared.  "I am Wendell White.  I did not know the storm was coming and I had to cross the river in order to meet the ruler of this land.  You see there was once a Kingdom where this land used to be, but now that Kingdom is gone, and its disappearance has quite a few people scared."

"By people do you mean goblins, fairies, trolls, or nymphs?"  As soon as the words had left her mouth she regretted it, she just blew her cover, he was going to know that she was more than a simple girl who was living on the beach.

"No just humans, how do you know about all those other races?"  Wendell did not know what was going on but this girl seemed to have total control of this situation and he did not like it one bit.  He tried to sit up but she placed a firm hand on his chest hold him down and again sending fire throughout his body.

"Just lie still.  There is no need for you to get all worked up, just tell me what you remember," Kailieya used her mind powers to relax him so he would not question what was going on.  Yes it was underhanded but she really did not have much of a choice, it would not be long before his friends joined him.

"I remember the storm picking up and that I was separated from my dog.  Then I swan into a whirlpool and my pack got tangled in my feet, then I don't remember anything," Wendell realized that Prince was not with him and that the girl gave him a funny look when he said the word dog.

"What is this?"  Kailieya held the slash out at his eye level.

"That is my royal slash, it was in my pack," he reached to take it from her.  It was dry, then he realized that he was completely dry.  Logic would state that he would be soaking wet, but he wasn't.  "It is dry, in fact everything on this beach is dry.  How long have I been out?"

Kailieya smiled, he may be a royal but he was smart.  Most people would have not noticed that after a storm like the one she had caused everything should still be a little damp.  "Not long.  The sun is giving off a lot of heat today, things dry faster because of it.  What do you mean-" she was interrupted by the a series of loud noises coming from a creature that was running at them in full force.  "Beast!"  She screamed.

Wendell turned his head in the direction of the noise which he knew was Prince barking, "No do not worry that is just my dog Prince.  He must have washed up further down the shore."  When he turned back to look at her he found that she was gone.  Had it all just been a dream.  He felt Prince nuzzle his hand and he absent mindedly rubbed the dogs head.  What had just happened here?

Goblin Castle

"Beast!"  Sheridan shrieked as Kailieya appeared before her.  She threw her head backed and laughed at her sister who was almost as white as a sheet.

"Well I did not know what that creature was.  It was just running at me, I figured our new hero could handle himself," Kailieya waved her had a mirror appeared before them.  Then mirror began to liquefy and then an image of the man and the beast appeared.

"It is seems our great hero has tamed the wild beast, but then you would have known that if you had been paying attention earlier," Sheridan shook her figure at Kailieya.

"What are you talking about?" Kailieya hissed at her.

"The beast was standing next to him in the village and was not about to hurt anyone.  You were just too busying paying attention to the man to notice the four-legged creature next to him," Sheridan sat in the widow the throne room.

"So how did the awaking process of the other go?"  Kailieya knew what Sheridan did but she wanted to see if her sister would avoid the question.

Sheridan cursed silently, she knew this was going to happen.  "Okay I know I wasn't suppose to leave the castle but I had to.  I don't know I was just drawn to them.  I had to go to them.  Don't be mad."

Kailieya bit her lip down but she knew that the only way she was going to find out what was going was to do this, 'Let me see what you did.'  She used her mind voice to reach Sheridan.

Sheridan nodded her head and let Kailieya in.  She had gone down to the beach and seen the three humans lying on the beach.  She looked at the man and woman lying next to each other and smiled at them.  It was obvious even when they were sleeping that they were in love.  She than walked over to the other man and sat down next to him.  What was it about him that was so familiar, she reached out her had and touched his face.

'YOU TOUCHED HIM!' Kailieya yelled at her.

'You said that you would not get mad,' Sheridan warned her.  'Now let me finish.'

Kailieya just nodded and continued to let Sheridan's memories play in her mind.  Sheridan had then decided to wake the man she was next to first.  She slowly reached his mind with hers and told him to wake up.  His eyes blinked open and looked at her in disbelieve and she just smiled at him.  He then reached out his hand grabbed hers firmly.  She jumped back at first but then she realized that his touch was familiar and that he was not trying to hurt her.

"Sheridan is that really you?" he asked her.  Which of course only caused her to freak out.  How did he know her, it was not possible.

Kailieya could feel Sheridan's confusion and withdrew from her mind.  "Don't think about him.  You are right you don't know him.  Maybe in their world they know about us, they might write stories about us or something.  So many people have come here because they have heard about this place from someone else.  He probably just guessed at who you were.  Do not let it worry you."  Kailieya put up a heavy wall around her thoughts so that none of them would seep out.  She knew that she was going to need Sheridan's help with dealing with the travelers but if Sheridan figured out that she was from the same world everything would fall apart.

"You blocking me out," Sheridan said a little upset with her.

"I am just protecting you, you said that you did not want me to mad at you, so I am not being mad at you by hiding.  Look I have to go get ready.  When I go lead them to the entrance you are going to stay here.  Do not leave the castle at all!  Got it?"  Kailieya said as she headed to her bedroom.

"Yeah I understand.  I'll stay here," Sheridan sighed as she plopped herself on the throne room floor.  This was going to be boring.

Labyrinth Beach

"Are you sure it was her?" Wolf asked Luis.

"Yes I am sure.  It was her.  She did not remember me at all.  I don't understand what is going on.  She was smiling at me one minute then when I said her name she freaked out and disappeared," Luis was trying to figure everything out his mind.  At least she was safe, but how did she disappear like that?

Virginia half listened to them as they walked down the beach but then she noticed that there was smoking raising into the air.  "Look over there!  Some one has started a fire, maybe they can tell us what is going on?"  She pointed in the direction of the smoke.

They made their way in the direction of the smoke but as they got closer Virginia and Wolf were shocked to see who was sitting at the fire.

"King Wendell is that you?"  Wolf asked as the approached him.

"Wolf!  Virginia!  I am so glad to see you.  What are you doing here?  Where did you come from?"  Wendell stood up and went to hug his friends, Prince followed close behind him.

"We were going to ask you the same question.  So how we managed to wish ourselves here," Virginia spoke and then she realized that they had not introduced Luis.  "Wendell this is our friend Luis, Luis this is King Wendell of the 4th Kingdom and his dog Prince."

Wendell held out his hand to Luis, "Please just call me Wendell.  Now tell me how did you wish yourself here."

As Wendell said the words they all heard a peal of laughter which seemed to come from everywhere.  They all looked around to try to pin point the where the owner of the laughter was but to no avail.  There was no one around but them.  Then all of the sudden their surroundings changed, they were no longer at the beach although there was still sand below their feet.  The tree that surrounded them had no leaves but seemed to sparkle.  There were small patches of tall, brown, thin grass scattered all around.  The sky was an orange-red color like it would be at sunrise and the wind slowly began to pick up around them.  Again they heard the same peal of laughter but this time it came from behind them.

There sitting in a tree was girl dressed in a black gown that had long flowing sleeves, the rest was form fitting and seemed to move with her when she laughed.  "Where I am?  How did I get here?  I hear that all the time, and it just keeps getting funnier.  Like you don't know how you got here.  You wished yourselves here," she said pointing Luis, Virginia, and Wolf.  "And you, well for some reason you thought that you had to come here, that is still beyond me," she looked at Wendell and then sighed.  "The point being you all came here of your own free will."  She hoped down from her perch and landed with a little hop.

"Who are you?"  Virginia asked.

The girl gave her a strange look, "I am hurt that you don't know.  I would have thought that you would know the stories, I mean how else did you get here?"

Prince growled at her and then barked repeatedly until Wendell signaled him to be quiet.

Wolf thought about what the girl said to Virginia and he put two and two together, "You are the Winter Princess."

"Gee how did you guess?" the Winter Princess held her hand up against her chin in mock wonder.  "Maybe it was this," she waved her hand and made the book that Luis had been holding appear before them.  "Yet another misrepresentation of the Labyrinth and written by the worst traitor of all times too.  Oh well, you can keep this book, not that it will help you much, things have changed a lot since Sarah was here."  She sent the book flying at Luis, who took it and tucked it back into his coat pocket.

"Well we are here, what do you want from us," Wendell demanded to know from this girl.  Part of him knew that it was the same girl that been with him at the beach earlier but she was so different now that he could not be sure.

The Winter Princess laughed again, she was having way too much fun for her own good.  "Well normally you would have all been turned to Goblins right now but that is simply not possible.  The kingdom has just been moved to this strange world and things are all right side up, it is very disturbing, everything was so wonderful when it was all upside down and backwards.  Anyhow, I have decided to let your fate be decided another way.  If you are to stay human than you have to make it to the castle at the center of the Labyrinth by sunset three days from now," she smiled at them.  "You should consider yourselves lucky, most people only get thirteen hours, but of course their trip is a lot easier than yours is going to be," she backed away from them and started to fade from their view.  As she went they could hear her say, "Sunset on the third day."

"Well she seems absolutely lovely," Luis said as he looked at his travel mates.  "I guess we should get going.  After all we only have three days and I am sure there is some other catch to this too."

The others nodded in agreement and Prince added his opinionated bark.  They walked down a small hill and came to the wall of the Labyrinth.  It was a tall brick wall that could not be climbed and looked foreboding.

"How are we suppose to get in," Virginia asked as she ran her hands along the wall.

"Huff puff, it must be a magic wall," Wolf exclaimed as he searched for a hidden lever that would open the wall.

"If it is it could take us weeks to figure out the trick to this," Wendell sighed.

Luis took out Sarah Williams's journal from his coat pocket and flipped through the pages, "Maybe not.  It says here that we are not suppose to take anything for granted."  Luis took a step back from the wall and looked at more carefully.  At first all he saw was endless brick but then he forced his eyes to refocus.  There to the left of them was a set of wooden doors.  "Look over there it is the entrance," Luis said as he walked over to the doors.

The other followed him and they all stood in front of the doors.  There was no handle or anything, it was just a simply set of doors.  Wolf tried just pushing on the doors but they did not budge.  The others joined him and pushed with all their weight but nothing happened.

"So now what?" Virginia asked with a sigh.

Luis had no clue what they were supposed to do next.  There was no handle and pushing the doors had not worked.  "We knock," he said as he made a fist, raised it to the door, and knocked three times.  At first nothing happened but then the doors started to open outward slowly.

"Well done man," Wendell gave Luis a pat on the back as the stood looking into the Labyrinth.  No one made a move to go inside.

"No time like the present," Wolf said as he started to step through the doorway and the others followed him into this mysterious maze having no idea of what dangers awaited them inside the walls of the Goblin Labyrinth.

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